Our History
In 1977 three Latinas attending the University of California Berkeley, decided to organize the Foundation in order to support and assist other Latinas pursuing higher education. They realized that as first-generation college students they needed to come together to support each other and future generations of Latina college students.


L to R: Yolanda Ronquillo, Olga Terrazas, Margaret Santos

Our Heritage
We Latinas have ancient, diverse and unique cultural histories. Our cultures have influenced the entire world through our music, dance, art, food, literature, architecture and spirituality.

While we respect our Latino culture and honor the nurturing of our families, we are both carriers and breakers of tradition.

Our Strength and Power
As Latinas we are women who have survived and thrived for centuries by developing attributes and skills: our Latina values guide us in establishing and maintaining relationships that reflect respect, fairness, cooperation and pride in our culture and heritage. Drawing on our cultural roots, we learned to create harmony to survive the changes, challenges and conflicts we have faced.

Our Contributions
Our strengths make us powerful and influential in the workplace, community and socio-economic environments. We are ambassadors who form alliances among diverse communities for the advancement and betterment of all.





Latina Leadership is...

The Latina who carries the tradition, but is not afraid to break with tradition in order to challenge images and issues that relegate Latinas to a powerless role

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