The Chicana/Latina Foundation would not be able to successfully complete all of its activities, if it wasn't for the support and dedication of the many volunteers throughout the years.

Volunteer opportunities are in:
  • Fundraising
  • Mass Mailings Support
  • Office Administrative Support
  • Scholarship selection process: CLF relies on a core of talented volunteers to help us read applications and interview candidates. If you have experience in education or would like to get involved in this way, please let us know.
If you would like to support the Chicana Latina Foundation's work as a volunteer please complete our Volunteer Form and email it to CLFinfo@chicanalatina.org.   Requires Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader pdf.

ˇMuchas Gracias!

Dia de la Amistad Volunteer Appreciation Reception
OaxacacHearts Olga adresses gathering
CLF is surrounded by an incredible family of volunteers that support CLF’s Mission all year long by participating in the scholarship selection process, as donors, administrative support and/or by sponsoring a table at the annual awards dinner. Our volunteers are the backbone of CLF. Without their support we could not accomplish our mission. Volunteerism is a time honored tradition in our culture. For the third year in a row we invited our volunteers to a celebration in their honor and the theme was Dia de la Amistad (how Valentine’s Day is known in Latin America). There was music, food and Comadreo. During the program we honored two of our male allies, Joshua Delfin and Mario Garcia who exemplify what our volunteers are all about: ready to support CLF in any way needed. Each attendee received our love in the shape of hearts all the way from a women’s cooperative in Oaxaca. Looking forward to seeing all these friendly faces throughout the year in the many CLF activities.



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