Message from our Executive Director

Dear CLF familia,

As many of you undoubtedly share our feelings of fear and anger after the outcome of these elections, we hope you also share our determination to stand together to resist and to defend our families and our communities.

For several years now, we have understood the importance of forging stronger solidarity in our struggles, of standing together and living by the words, "An attack on one, is an attack on us all." We defend our immigrant communities. We lift up our young leaders. We stand guard over women's and LGBTQ rights. We protect Black Lives and our Muslim brothers and sisters. Every threatened community is our community.

There is no need to argue for intersectionality. The argument has been made for us.

As the holidays draw near, let us move forward to rejoice and celebrate each other's spirit. Let us not have our joy be taken away from us. Since November 8th, I have found strength in your words, in the reminders of our lineage of struggle, perseverance, resistance and victories. And nowhere have I found more hope and inspiration than from our very own CLF sister board members, the current scholarship awardees and our Alumnae.

Statement from the CLF Alumnae:
  • “The Chicana Latina Foundation Alumnae would like to take a moment to reaffirm that we stand with communities that have been historically and are currently marginalized in this country, in particular as we look to a future in the hands of a Trump administration. Our familia of black and brown, indigenous, undocumented, Muslim, and LGBTQ have survived some of the most horrific acts committed against humanity. We stand with them, just as we stand with those mujeres and trans sisters in our continued fight against misogyny.

    We stand with them, because we are a living legacy of ancestors, abuelas y abuelos, who stood up and fought against the enslavement, genocide, and violence inflicted on our communities and our lands. We stand with our communities and families who live in fear of harassment, deportation, and death, yet refuse to stay silent.

    We are at an historical moment where we know the fear is real. Yet we stand together strong because we can see a beautiful solidarity movement coming together against the systemic racism, homophobia, and bigotry that exists in this country.

    There is no better time to work together as we continue to resist and build a movement for a better world for our communities and our families.

    While we are deeply troubled that the coming administration may dismantle much of the good that has been established and worsen the plight of so many marginalized communities, endangering our comunidades, we encourage each of our friends and loved ones to come together, where you are, where you can, and care for ourselves together, witness each other, hear each other, perhaps like never before, because this is what is important. In the face of a terrifying State, only we can speak to The State of US, nosotras, nosotros. To speak out and truly listen to our testimonios is to practice a radical self-care that is a most precious medicina in these times. It is an important step in community building and activism to come. As sister Audre Lorde said: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” As we come together, we find our support, our comadres, our familia. Nuestro camino is revealed each day, and as always, our activism leads the way."

Thank you for all of your support. It makes it possible to create this space called CLF in which the new generation of leaders can flourish and help lead us through the struggles ahead. We could not do this without you. Thank you for your generous donations and ongoing support.

In loving solidarity,
Olga Talamente
Olga and CLF

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