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Helena Renee Cardona

Program Coordinator

Helena is a recent graduate from the California College of the Arts, where she completed her Masters of Architecture. Her thesis research focused on Architecture as a political tool for advocacy, her work explores the transgression of existing boundaries as a way to lay the seeds for new forms of civic architecture. She was a Galeria de la Raza Fellow where she learned about place-keeping of institutions that protect culture; and to see architecture beyond brick and mortar, but as a human right that advocates for accessible housing, healthcare, education, and financial equity, through the lens and empowerment of Chicanx/Latinx art.

Helena is currently working for the Chicana Latina Foundation where she is a Program Coordinator for the Scholarship and Leadership Program, as she transitions into a professional position within the architectural field. Helena grew up in Presidio, Texas, border with Ojinaga, Chihuahua and completed her Bachelors of Art in Architecture at the University of New Mexico with a minor in Sustainability Studies.

In her free time she likes to explore the Bay Area, read architectural theory, and work on freelance graphic design projects.