Angela Ortiz

Angela is a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare. During her time as an undergraduate, Angela worked with the Chicanx Latinx Student Development Office where she worked on programming for Latinx student retention. She also worked with the UC Berkeley Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association … Continued

Alicia Orozco

Driven by a deep sense of compassion and justice, Alicia Orozco has dedicated her life to serving the disenfranchised. As a single mother of two, she worked hard to provide for her family while continuing to be active in community organizing. After a year of volunteering at the Chicana Latina Foundation, Alicia was hooked. She … Continued

Adriana Ayala, Ph.D

Adriana has more than 20 years experience in higher education as both a professor and administrator. She taught students at the community college and four-year university levels and was a trusted leader at several universities. She served as Interim Dean of Student Success at Evergreen Valley College and Department Chair of Liberal Studies and General Education … Continued