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Emcee: Marga Gomez

Marga Gomez was voted the 2021 SF Bay Guardian Best Of The Bay Comedian”. Last year she was voted the 2020 Best of the Bay Comedian and was an original member of Culture Clash. Marga Gomez has been featured on LOGO, Comedy Central, and HBO’s “Comic Relief” at the invitation of Robin Williams who called her “Amazing… a lesbian Lenny Bruce.” The New York Times has called her “deliciously cheeky.” She is also the writer/performer of thirteen solo plays which have been presented nationally, Off-Broadway and internationally. Her acting credits include the Off-Broadway Ars Nova production of “Dr. Rides American Beach House” (November 2019) and roles on “Sense8” (Netflix) and HBO’s “Tracy Takes on…”  NBC named her one of eleven “Out Latinos you should know.” She is an Artist-In-Residence at Brava Theatre, San Francisco. 
2019 Marga stand-up clip.

KQED July 22, 2020
“Within two weeks of the shutdown, Gomez had already launched the first of many virtual comedy shows, the format of which she’s tweaked with each subsequent edition. First there were midday comedy brunches, then afternoon “high tea,” a Cinco de Mayo bash, a birthday party doubling as a political fundraiser, and, most recently, 30-minute “queer quickies” with co-host, the fabulous Jesús U. BettaWork. And finally, at long last, live-streamed performances of The Spanking Machine, running through July 25.”
Link to article.

New York Times July 15, 2020
“No Zoom window could possibly contain the outsize personality of Marga Gomez.”
Link to article.

OmeDJ: Ome López

Since they began DJing in 1999 Omedj has become known for their infectious energetic stage presence & an eclectic pallet in song selections. Ome has performed and emceed in front of audiences awaiting Grammy-winning artists such as La Santa Cecilia and Little Joe y La Familia to other acclaimed acts like Ty Dolla $ign, Saul Williams, Chicano Batman, Las Cafeteras & Climbing Poetree. In addition to their DJ duties, Ome Quetzal Lopez is also the co-founder of Dulce UpFront, an award-winning multi-media art-activist organization, having produced over one hundred events capturing the attention of thousands of people. In 2018, Ome was awarded Inspirational Queer Activist by Queer Out and highlighted by Rise Up, alongside Alicia Garza & Bambadjan Bamba, as part of the next generation of activists in California who are actively creating and inspiring change on a local and global level. In 2020, Ome was awarded City of Fresno District One Woman of the Year in Arts & Culture. 

Musical Guest: La Doña

La Doña, born Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea in San Francisco, California, is a solo reggaeton singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The Chicana artist began her career at age 7 playing trumpet, and later strings and percussion in her family’s conjunto. She also played in a youth salsa band and a Balkan fusion band before synthesizing her unique upbringing in her original compositions.

La Doña combines her deep roots in Latin folk traditions like corridos and rumba with the propulsive modern sounds of reggaeton, cumbia, and hip hop.

La Doña coined the term “Femmeton” to describe her auto-referential songs about love, sex, gentrification and the radical joys of being a queer brown woman in the Bay Area. An activist and educator, she holds her community close- her father, childhood friends, and partner layer live instrumentation, intimate harmonies and driving percussion over a thick reggaeton beat.

Influenced by local muralismo and hyphy sensibilities just as much as global diasporas and climate catastrophes, La Doña’s catalogue is eclectic, fresh, and urgent. La Doña was chosen as one of YouTube’s Foundry Artists and she has performed recently at Tecate’s “El Patio” and Redbull’s “EEUU de Bass”. Her song, “Quién Me La Paga” was the first of the New York Times Magazine’s “19 Songs that Matter Now,” for 2020, and her EP, Algo Nuevo, was selected by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the 6 best albums of 2020. La Doña was awarded the 2020 Yerba Buena Gardens Festival Mini-Commission, and continues to make music

Watch La Doña during the CLF Annual Awards Celebration!

Check out her interview with Sarah Jimenez, CLF Alumna 2014


Corrina Gould

Legacy Award

Corrina Gould (Lisjan Ohlone) is the chair and spokesperson for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan— she was born and raised in Oakland, CA, the village of Huichin. A mother of three and grandmother of four, Corrina is the Co-Founder and Lead Organizer for Indian People Organizing for Change, a small Native run organization that works on Indigenous people issues and sponsored annual Shellmound Peace Walks from 2005 to 2009. These walks brought about education and awareness of the desecration of sacred sites in the greater Bay Area. As a tribal leader, she has continued to fight for the protection of the Shellmounds, uphold her nation’s inherent right to sovereignty, and stand in solidarity with her Indigenous relatives to protect our sacred waters, mountains, and lands all over the world. 

Her life’s work has led to the creation of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, a women-led organization within the urban setting of her ancestral territory of the Bay Area. Sogorea Te’ Land Trust works to return Indigenous land to Indigenous people. Based on an understanding that Oakland is home to many peoples that have been oppressed and marginalized, Sogorea Te works to create a thriving community that lives in relation to the land. Through the practices of rematriation, cultural revitalization, and land restoration, the Land Trust calls on native and non-native peoples to heal and transform legacies of colonization, genocide, and to do the work our ancestors and future generations are calling us to do

Leticia Corona

Dr. Olga Terraza’s Trailblazer Award

Leticia is the proud daughter of immigrant farmworkers from Guanajuato, Mexico, and grew up in a small rural town in Fresno, CA. She is driven by pride in her family and Mexican culture alongside her embrace of innovation and sustainability. She is equally able to blend the cultural and regenerative practices of her rural heritage with social impact investment and business strategies to create a more equitable and just world.

She received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and her master’s degree from the University of San Diego. She has been selected to several prestigious fellowships and certificate programs, including most recently the Yale Center for Business and Environment’s Financing and Deploying Clean Energy program.

Leticia’s work has focused on solving complex environmental, economic, and social problems and co-creating innovative solutions. Currently, Leticia is the Portfolio Manager for Olamina Fund at Candide Group, an impact investment firm. Most recently, Leticia served as the first Central California Regional Lead Advisor of the California Office of the Small Business Advocate, a position she was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom. During her term she led strategy development for the state of California’s small business ecosystem-building work, access to affordable capital and diverse entrepreneurship, and innovation portfolios, and created a model across California. In previous positions, she has worked alongside organic small-scale coffee producers and indigenous women’s textile cooperatives in Mexico, designed policy strategies for investments in long-term water, renewable energy and clean energy projects in low-income rural communities as well as managed a multi-million-dollar social impact investment portfolio.

Student Speakers:

Susana Barrón

MFA in Documentary Film

Stanford University

Susana Barron is a Mexican-American interdisciplinary artist. She was born in Santa Ana, California, but her story begins in Sain Alto, Zacatecas where her parents are from. Her work is influenced by the accounts of dangerous border crossings she heard from her mom growing up. Each story contained detailed descriptions of the body’s supernatural ability to persevere in the midst of life-threatening environments and situations. The idea of bodies in motion as a form of survival is especially seen in her camera work.

Alicia Fisher

Political Science

UC Berkeley

Alicia is a Mexican, Boricua, and African American. Growing up mixed-race was a confusing experience and still is at times for her. Alicia was born in California but grew up on the East Coast in New York and Connecticut. She moved back to California at the start of her freshman year of high school to a school of 3,000 students. In high school joining both the Black Student Union and Latinos Unidos made her  feel alienated as I was not “Latina” or “Black” enough. This experience made her realize her ethnic identity was complicated and she wanted to find out more about her background. Claiming her identity as Afro-Latina helped her gain political consciousness, made her feel more in community with others, and proudly become a new leader in all the communities that she is a part of.

2021 Leadership and Scholarship Awardees:

Alejandra Melgoza

Public Policy Candidate Mills College

Alex Lalama

Ethnic Studies
San Francisco State University

Alexandra Orellana

Molecular and Cell Biology
UC Berkeley

Alicia Fisher

Political Science
UC Berkeley

Andrea Ponce Mata

Legal Studies, Minor in Political Economy
UC Berkeley

Belen Torres-Gutierrez

San Jose State University

Chyna Oyola

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
UC Davis

Daisy Ortiz-Matias

Hartnell College

Erika Teo-Delgado

Masters of Science in Counseling
San Francisco State University

Estefany Meza

Political Science and Ethnic Studies
Santa Clara University

Fanny Camacho

Masters of Arts in Education
San Jose State University

Gisella Dircio

Legal Studies and Chicano Studies
UC Berkeley

Helvia Taina

Masters in Social Welfare
UC Berkeley

Ilyne Castellanos

International Relations
Hartnell College

Irene Castillon

Masters in International and Multicultural Education
University of San Francisco

Jacqueline Villalobos

UC Davis

Karely Ruvalcaba-Enriquez

Social Work
San Jose State University

Katherine Zepeda-Arreola

Haas School of Business
UC Berkeley

Litzy Lujan

Business Administration
San Jose State University

Lydia Vasquez

Comparative Literature
UC Berkeley

Maria Rodriguez

Higher Education & Student Affairs
University of San Francisco

Marithza Quiroz

Learning, Design and Technology
Stanford University

Nathalie Guillen

Legal Studies
UC Berkeley

Norma Enciso

Administration of Justice
College of San Mateo

Samantha Rocha Silva

Electrical Engineering
Cabrillo College

Sara O Valentina Lopez Torres

University of San Francisco

Silvia Garcia

Biological Systems Engineer
American River College

Socorro Galindo

Legal Studies
UC Berkeley

Stephanie Martinez Contreras

Chemical Engineering
San Jose State University

Susana Barron

Cinema and Digital Media
Stanford University

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