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The 17th anniversary Festival Focus “Molten Connections” forges new relationships, awakens steadfast bonds of diaspora, and sparks a metamorphosis of love that withstands time.

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A campaign demanding the Release, Reunification and Healing of migrant children still in ICE custody

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Impactful Latinas will Transform Us

In just 12 years, Latinas will make up the largest share of California’s workforce.

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The Chicana Latina Foundation (CLF) is a non-profit organization that promotes professional and leadership development of Latinas.

About Us

In time’s like this we’re reminded of our core values, to create community, to support one another, to remain resilient. We believe in creating community and taking care of our community. With that in mind we have created an ongoing list of resources for you to review in case of need.

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Scholarships form the cornerstone of the Chicana Latina Foundation. We award merit-based scholarships valued at $1500 to 30-40 powerful Latina students each year.

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For more than forty years we’ve grown the power and potential of Latinas to graduate from college and become leaders in their careers and communities. We’ve distributed more than one million dollars in scholarships to students and built a powerful network of more than 600 Latina leaders.

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