The Chicana Latina Foundation relies on individual donors to help sustain and grow our programs. Please consider sponsoring a scholarship in the name of a loved one just like these supporters have done. For details contact Alicia Orozco,

We welcome the special scholarship donors that supported us this year!

Abuelitos Villa-Miramontes Scholarship

This scholarship honors our parents and is awarded to a graduate student interested in the health/public health areas.  

Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez Scholarship

This endowed scholarship by Bob Barber is for a graduate student who brings together diverse communities to work effectively for social justice, as Betita did for so many decades.

Cruz Chavez and the Virgen de Guadalupe Scholarship

Brother Camilo Chavez established an endowment fund that every year honors the memory of his mother, Cruz Chavez, and her devotion to the Virgen de Guadalupe.

Dos Mundos Juntos Scholarship

Dos Mundos Juntos is a nonprofit providing a platform for East Palo Alto youth to spread awareness of social justice issues through stories.  Each year, we honor a college student who has made a positive contribution in advancing the Latinx community

Elena Moreno Gomez Scholarship

This is from the Gómez Rexelius Family in honor of the matriarch of the family, Elena Moreno Gómez, for her desire, love and encouragement of learning that she has passed on to the family.

Enedina Fimbres Ayala Scholarship

A tribute to our mami for her unconditional love, gift of faith in God, and eternal optimism. She was our guerrera who demonstrated compassion and leadership through her actions.

Graciela Pacheco Romo Scholarship

Graciela Pacheco Romo: In honor of Graciela Pacheco Romo who always encouraged & supported her children especially her daughters in their pursuit of education for the purpose of financial independence.

Iris Arevalo Blanco Special Scholarship

This scholarship is a tribute to my mother, Iris Arevalo Blanco. Iris took 2 buses to volunteer at an elementary school in Logan Heights San Diego with the goal of following a group of young girls to help them become college bound. Her dedication to them was solid through thick and thin.

Jesus Castillo Scholarship

I ask that you take this donation on behalf of my cousin Jesus Castillo to empower a young woman who can make zealous change.

Maria Auxilio Gallegos Guevara Scholarship

Doña Chilo is the rock of many in her infinite circle of family, friends & community. We honor her by supporting Latinas on their own journey of self-empowerment.

Maria G. Torres Scholarship

This Scholarship is a tribute to a chingona. Intelligent and strong mujer who did not have an opportunity to pursue her education in Health Care. This is awarded to a student interested in the medical or public health field.

Maria X. Martinez Scholarship

The scholarship will honor Maria’s leadership as a Servant Leader. Here is a short definition of Servant Leadership, which Maria so perfectly exemplified, always centering those who were being served. She led in the spirit of the Servant Leader.

Olga Talamante Scholarship

This endowed scholarship by Bob Barber is for a graduate student with a demonstrated record of working for social justice at the community level honors Olga Talamante.

Rose Cecilia Bustos Scholarship

Rose C. Bustos was a beacon of light, joy and hope on 24th Street. Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren established this in her honor.

Suzie Dod Thomas Scholarship

This is in memory of Suzie Dod Thomas and will be awarded to a student who exemplifies Suzie’s profound belief in the importance of education and the power of woman.

Soledad (Sally) Alvarez Scholarship

The Special Scholarship is a tribute to my mother Soledad (Sally) Alvarez who always supported and encouraged her children to pursue an education that would lead us on a path to accomplish our life goals.

Sonia Violeta Ordoñez de Castillo Scholarship

This scholarship is given in the memory of Sonia Violeta Castillo de Ordóñez, who instilled a passion for education equally in her sons and daughters. From her daughter Dra. Sonia L Ordóñez and granddaughters Gabriela and Sabrina.

U’uye’ex in t’aan (Hear my voice) Scholarship 

The U’uye’ex in t’aan (Hear my voice) scholarship honors the life and spirit of Ana Patricia Martínez Huchim of Tizimín, Yucatán, México, a renowned writer, teacher, feminist, native Yucatec Maya speaker, and passionate advocate for the language, culture, and arts of the Yucatec Maya.  Her voice (t’aan) lives on through her literary work, and through the many people she taught, touched, and inspired.

Sylvia Bracamonte Scholarship

CLF Alumnae created the following scholarship for a true CLF guerrera. On May 28th, 2020 we honored 2013 & 2017 CLF alumna Sylvia Bracamonte’s life and dedication to education and social justice through a special CLF scholarship in her name. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who has a warrior spirit, has overcome significant challenges, and exemplifies Sylvia’s deep commitment to social justice and social work. We want to thank the generous donors who have provided the initial funds for Sylvia’s scholarship.

Virginia Lucero Barceló Scholarship 

She was a dedicated mother and grandmother. Honors the spirit of her love, strength & courage.