The Chicana Latina Foundation relies on individual donors to help sustain and grow our programs. Please consider sponsoring a scholarship in the name of a loved one just like these supporters have done. For details contact Alicia Orozco, or 650-548-1040.

We welcome the special scholarship donors that joined this year!

Virginia Lucero Barcelo Scholarship

She was a dedicated and caring mother and grandmother. She did not want her daughters to struggle as she had as a mujer and encouraged all her children to pursue an education. To honor the spirit of her love, strength and courage, we establish this scholarship in her name to be awarded to a future Latina leader, to pave the way for others, as Mom did for us.

Rose Cecilia Bustos Scholarship

Born in San Francisco’s Mission District, Rose C. Bustos was a beacon of light, joy, and hope on 24th Street. Known as “mom” and “Doña Rosa” by many in the Mission District, she encouraged people, especially Latinas, to never give up hope and to follow their dreams. It is in this spirit that her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will continue to provide hope and encouragement to Chicanas/Latinas in her name.

Maria del Carmen Ruiz Abril Scholarship

She was a proud Sonorense from northwestern México who only completed a third grade education but encouraged all twelve of her children to go far academically. Doña Carmen set great examples of strength and power by living a tough but honest life. Her daughter, Dr. Rita E. Urquijo-Ruiz honors her by offering this scholarship on behalf of MALCS (Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social) and the Chicana/Latina Foundation.

Maria Auxilio Gallegos Guevara Scholarship

Also known as Doña Chilo, she is the rock for many in her infinite circle of family, friends and community. Growing up in Soria, Guanajuato, Mexico, she was denied an education beyond the 8th grade because she was a woman. She ensured that every educational opportunity her four daughters’ hearts desired were realized. We honor her by supporting Latinas on their own journey of self-empowerment. Thanks mom for being a bright shining star in our lives. ¡Te queremos mucho!

Amanda Floratos Scholarship

This is a memorial to Amanda Floratos, from her family. She passed away at the young age of 14 and inspired everyone she met. She had big dreams to attend college one day. Also on her wish list was attending high school but she was only able to attend for one month. This scholarship is a tribute to her and a reminder to never give up and always believe in the possibility of your dreams.

Art Scholarship by Vola Ruben

This is a scholarship donated by Vola Ruben to support a student pursuing her dreams to become an artist in whatever creative medium she may choose.

We thank those who have been sponsoring in past years!

Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez Scholarship

An endowed fund by Bob Barber honors writer, activist and lecturer Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez. The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student in a cross-cultural or interdisciplinary field of study who has shown the ability to bring together people of different cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities to work effectively for social justice.

Olga Talamante Scholarship

An endowed fund by Bob Barber honors Olga Talamante, human rights activist and current Executive Director of the Chicana Latina Foundation. The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student with a demonstrated record of effectively organizing people to work together for social justice at the community level.

Suzie Dod Thomas Scholarship

This is in memory of Suzie Dod Thomas and will be awarded to a student who exemplifies Suzie’s profound belief in the importance of education and the power of women, and her lifelong commitment to peace and social justice.

Elena Moreno Gómez Scholarship

This is from the Gómez Rexelius Family in honor of the matriarch of the family, Elena Moreno Gómez for her desire, love and encouragement of learning that she has passed on to the family.

Fernando Martel Scholarship

This is a memorial to Fernando Martel, from his loving family, in honor of his lifelong commitment to education and learning, and the support he provided others to achieve their dreams.

Magdalena Herrera Hurtado Scholarship

This is a memorial to Magdalena Herrera Hurtado, from her loving family, in honor of her spirit, fierceness and absolute commitment to the educational success of her children. She will always be loved and remembered for facilitating the successful lives of her family and honoring their commitment to the public good.

Abuelitos Villa-Miramontes Scholarship

This Scholarship honors our parents and is awarded to a graduate student interested in the health/mental health/public health areas.

Guadalupe Diego Scholarship

En agradecimiento for always believing in me. ¡Gracias Abuelita! By Gabriela Franco Slivka.

Cruz Chavez and the Virgen of Guadalupe

Brother Camilo Chavez established an endowment fund that every year honors the memory of his mother, Cruz Chavez, and her devotion to the Virgen de Guadalupe.