Chicana Latina Foundation facilitates our scholars’ educational success and invests in their strength and potential as community leaders.

Leadership Institute

Each year our scholars gather for the Leadership Institute to develop awareness, confidence and pride at being part of the Latinx community. The sessions during the Institute focus on our students’ strength, cultural identity, and sense of belonging.

Skill-Building Workshops

We connect with Latinas at schools and universities around the state of California through workshops focused on deepening Latinas writing and interview skills.

“A month after my arrival I realized that although I was a citizen, I was going to be treated as a young woman who did not have proficient English skills and had few options other than long shifts at a below minimum wage job. I recognized that education was the key, so I enrolled at the City College of San Francisco which helped me access important opportunities for my professional advancement. Last year, I obtained an internship at the Port of San Francisco- Engineering division. All my perspectives about higher education changed during the Chicana Latina Foundation Leadership Institute. As a result, I graduated with honors and three Associate Degrees and am continuing my studies in civil engineering at San Jose State. Si Se Puede!”

– Andrea, Chicana Latina Foundation alumna